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Incredibly Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor June 2, 2011

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“Incredibly Alice” is the latest in Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s amazing series that revolves around the life of teen-aged Alice McKinley and an ensemble cast of family and friends.  This book surely lives up to its adjective, it is incredible.  As Alice and her friends plunge into the final semester senior year, you will celebrate and cry right along with them.  Alice is excited for college but at the same time sad to leave her dad, new stepmom and her comfortable life behind.  Her ultimate choice in college wasn’t surprising but that’s to be expected from a beloved character you know so well.  It was also refreshing to read a YA novel where the teenagers aren’t ready to run off to college and  immediately shun their parent’s influence.  Surprisingly or not surprisingly, big changes occur in Justin and Jill’s relationship as they plan to get married and have a baby all before graduation !  Alice’s friend Pamela’s shows the most character growth in this book.  I actually cried when she got accepted into a great college.

After this book there are only two more books planned in this series, Alice on Board is due May 2012 and will follow Alice and her friends over the summer before they all depart for college and then the final currently untitled Alice book will follow a year later.  According to Naylor’s website, the final novel will take place when Alice and her friends are in their 60’s.  I’m assuming they’ll all gather to open the time capsules they made as children.  As anxious as I am to read the upcoming books, I never want this realistic and warm series to end.


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